Fire Ants

The #1 Professional Treatment Fire Ants Can’t Face!

Year-Long Protection with Just One Application
Are You Losing The Battle Against Fire Ants?

As you probably know all too well, fire ants are a relentless enemy.  They can inflict a painful, very often serious sting and can also damage your home, including electrical outlets.  Maybe you’ve tried over-the-counter chemicals or other lawn treatment products to control the fire ants.  But they generally only work for a short period of time and don’t prevent the fire ants from starting new colonies.

Dixie Green uses TopChoice insecticide as an effective way to control fire ants.

Get Serious with Fire Ants by calling Dixie Green at 770-424-1300 and requesting an application of TopChoice Insecticide, the #1 Professional Treatment for Fire Ant Control.

Dixie Green will use TopChoice to control fire ants and equally important, it prevents new colonies from forming for one full year.  It’s a granular insecticide that binds tightly to the soil.  Foraging fire ants are killed but only after they first return to their colonies and spread the insecticide to the queen and other ants. 

What makes Dixie Green’s Fire Ant control so unique is that it only needs to be professionally applied once a year and provides up to one year of control, guaranteed.  While other treatment products must be continually applied throughout the year, TopChoice safeguards your yard against fire ants…in any weather… with a single treatment.

A Low Dosage of TopChoice Provides Powerful Protection.

TopChoice is selectively toxic to insects and only an extremely low dose is required.  In fact, the same active ingredient is used in the #1 flea and tick treatment for pets.  TopChoice also controls secondary pests such as mole crickets for four months, and fleas and ticks for one month while treating for fire ants.

As a homeowner, you’ll appreciate the double punch power of TopChoice.  It effectively controls fire ants that may now infest your yard PLUS stops new colonies from becoming established.  Create a hostile environment for fire ants, and they’ll invade someone else’s yard instead.

Isn’t it time that you and your family truly enjoyed the outdoors without having to worry about the danger of fire ants?  TopChoice is the easy, affordable way to solve the problem, offering you up to one guaranteed year of control with just a single application. 

Contact Dixie Now and say you want your yard…and life…back with TopChoice.

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