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After 50 years in the area, Dixie Green has extensive knowledge of the local fauna and flora that populate our parks, ball fields, and lawns. The temperate, moist Georgia climate allows for lush vegetation, especially if pests are controlled, soil is properly treated, and vegetation is regularly maintained.

If you want a pristine green space, you’ve got to manage these factors regularly. Weeds, disease, pests, the leeching of soil nutrients – you lawn is under constant attack. To keep up with the threats, high quality lawn care requires great financial investments for equipment rentals, nutrient treatments, pest control, and raw materials, and takes dozens of hours to implement at each step of the way.

To save yourself the time, money, and trouble, while still benefiting from an exceptional, soothing green space, look no further than Dixie Green’s Seasonal Round Programs [link to Round Programs tab]. We’ve worked on residential back yards, large commercial properties, and everything in between, and our service is comprehensive – if you have a lawn, tree, or shrub care need, we’ve got you covered.

Our highly trained lawn care specialists were chosen for their friendly attitudes and extensive knowledge, and strive to make every visit as convenient and productive as possible. An with our new aerial system for remote cost estimates, we can quote you an accurate price instantly over the phone.

Please give us a call at 770-424-1300. Our certified, highly trained specialists are ready to transform your green space today.

  • Weed Control and Prevention
  • Insect Control and Prevention
  • Disease Control and Prevention
  • Customized Nutritional Programs
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Soil Analysis

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