A Solution to the Hidden Dangers of Fleas and Ticks


The most dangerous time of the year for fleas and ticks is approaching. Protect your family and pets from these nuisances and health menaces with a pest management program.

Ticks are leach-like parasitic pests that sometimes become more than a nuisance. They can drain away vitality and vigor of pets, large and small animals and occasionally children. In addition to their natural blood-sucking habits, they are known to be carriers and spreaders of several serious diseases.
The adult female feeds on a warm blooded host, then drops from the host and lays eggs. In some species, the female is capable of laying up to 6,000 eggs and producing several generations during the year.

Fleas (Family Pulicidae)

As blood-sucking insects, fleas can cause great pain and discomfort, but they are even more despised as carriers of disease.

As the female feeds, she lays eggs that are scattered wherever the animal (host) walks or lays – backyards and homes included. Animal sleeping and roaming places can be loaded with fleas and flea eggs. They hatch into tiny larvae which feed on all kinds of organic matter. In a short time the larvae develop into active adults. Fleas have the ability to survive many months without food, but eventually they find a new host and the life cycle starts again. Protect your family and pets today!

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