Protect your Lawn from Fungus

Afternoon and evening rainfall, mowing with a dull blade, infrequent mowing while not bagging clippings, and hot humid weather can all cause fungus activity on your lawn. Some varieties of turf grasses are more susceptible to fungus than others, and tend to have problems even under proper cultural practices. Some fungi merely cause aesthetic problems to the turf, but others will cause irreparable damage and to your lawn and the death of vegetation. For this reason, we recommend protecting your lawn with our Preventative Fungicide Program.

Our Program consists of 6 applications of contact and systemic fungicides. The treatments are applied at a preventative rate on a timely basis throughout the fungus season. These fungicide treatments, along with proper watering and mowing practices, will drastically reduce the possibility of damage done to your turf by diseases.

Another benefit of the Preventative Fungicide Program, versus simply applying fungicides when disease appears, is the prevention of the spread of fungus throughout the lawn. Although fungicides will kill the fungus that is currently active in your lawn, they can only protect the lawn for a limited period of time. If the conditions conducive to fungus activity persist beyond the residual of a single fungicide treatment, more fungus will likely invade and infect the lawn after the effects have worn off. Fungi will lie dormant through the cold season, and then reactivate in all the areas it had spread to the previous season. Our Preventative Fungicide Program will prevent the spread of disease, and help to keep your lawn thicker, greener, and healthier.

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